Bertl Philipp big winner of the most extreme race in Slovenia.

In the quarry Verd at Vrhnika, where the stone was quarried by the ancient Romans, 80 participants from 8 different countries competed at the most extreme track in Slovenia. In the epic finish of the race, Austrian master of extreme enduro Bertl Philipp overtook our Miha Špindler on the final climb, who led virtually the whole race,. Third place went to the Englishman Ben Hemingway, who was racing with his motorbike without rear brakes. 22 weary drivers finished said race.

A second successful VERD Extreme Enduro Race took place in ideal conditions. Many viewers were able to see with their own eyes that there is a way to ride a motornike even where there is barely possible to walk and they did not hide their enthusiasm. Exclamations of joy and salvation torments were echoed at the top of the last slope, where contestants drove across the finish line overcoming a pile of large rocks. It only took 48 minutes and 58 seconds for the winner Bertl Philipp to complete this 30 km long route, which testifies to the extraordinary pace. When they arrived to the finish arena together with Miha Špindler it made it clear that the details will ultimately decide the winner of trivia. And this is precisely what happened on the last incline where Miha took a slightly longer way, and Bertl shoot straight up toward the finish. After arriving at the finish, the winner of the race commented as follows: "I knew that victory will depend on the final ascent and that there is my only chance to overtake Špindler, who is motocross rider and was very fast on other parts of the track. Here, however, came foreth my experience from the trial. The track is fantastic, great organization! Im happy to come back next year." Miha Špindler visibly exhausted first took a few moments to come to himself and then thank all the fans for the support: "Thanks to all my fans who carried me ahead today. Of course I’m not in the best mood, because Bertl overtook me at the very end of the race, which I otherwise drove without mistakes, well except this last ascent where I strayed from the right path." Well, maybe this is, for our steel motorcyclists, only an additional incentive for next year. Englishman Ben Hemingway drove across the finish with 12 minutes lag which is a remarkable achievement because he drove his vehicle without rear brakes after the first checkpoint. 'At first I thought that I bent a brake disc, after the finish, I saw that the screw flew and therefore brake was useless. A couple of times it was pretty scarry when I descended the steep slopes. Otherwise, a fantastic race, I like it because it was very fluid but it was also challenging. " All the positive comments are certainly an incentive for the organizers to prepare for next year, a third, even more severe and longer test for the most esktremne motorcyclists in the world.

Charity for little Laura Vasle

The race was full of emotion. In addition to hugging, encouragement and congratulations to all who have overcome the track, which was prepared by Aljoša Grom Severin Sajevec with the help of friends and members of the volunteer fire department Verd, it also had a charitable nature. A month and a half ago, their good friend, but otherwise excellent motorsport photographer Peter Vasle learned that his hardly 17 month-old daughter Laura fell ill with a very rare form of cancer. Aljoša and Severin came to their aid and organized the auction of Vasle’s top photos depicting motocross and Endura. All the profit of this auction goes to help the family, which must pay for extremely expensive treatment. All who would like to help, can do so, by contacting a young family directly through the father of young Laura’s e-mail: or via telephone number 00386 31 340 441.

The results of finishers (link to pdf)

1. Bertl Phillip -AUT,

2. Miha Špindler - SLO,

3. Ben Hemingway - GB,

4. Zec Matija - CRO,

5. Benjamin Diesel - AUT,… dirko je končalo 22 tekmovalcev